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The Work of Christmas (Part 1)

It’s the day after Christmas and the first day of Kwanzaa (which celebrates Umoja/Unity). I never got around to posting Christmas reflections, but maybe it’s appropriate to wait considering that “the work of Christmas” begins on the day after. As I shared in previous posts, I led a Christmas themed bible study for my church’s […]

The Purpose of Education [Baldwin]

I’m preparing to preach tomorrow morning.  It’s always a challenge for me as preaching has much to do with sharing a word to help people face the uncertainties and ambiguities of life with faith, courage and hope.  That’s how I understand sharing the Gospel (Good News), anyway. I find my self drawing inspiration from the […]

What Child is This?

My cousin sent me this link yesterday.  It’s making the rounds online.  The young man has flow! From Khaliyl’s parents are Femi and Roucheon Iloyi of the UK gospel hip hop group The Royal Priesthood. His dad Femi, aka “Smooflow”, is an emcee and record producer, while his mom Roucheon is a singer and […]