Gospel According to Purple Rain, Pt. 2

I’m preparing to kick off the new year for the Young Adult Study of my church.  Our first session of 2012 is a continuation of a series we began toward the end of last year themed ‘The Gospel According to Purple Rain: What the Music of Prince has to do with the Prince of Peace’. […]

The Work of Christmas (Part 1)

It’s the day after Christmas and the first day of Kwanzaa (which celebrates Umoja/Unity). I never got around to posting Christmas reflections, but maybe it’s appropriate to wait considering that “the work of Christmas” begins on the day after. As I shared in previous posts, I led a Christmas themed bible study for my church’s […]

The Purpose of Education [Baldwin]

I’m preparing to preach tomorrow morning.  It’s always a challenge for me as preaching has much to do with sharing a word to help people face the uncertainties and ambiguities of life with faith, courage and hope.  That’s how I understand sharing the Gospel (Good News), anyway. I find my self drawing inspiration from the […]